Erm… this being my inaugral blog posting I feel like it should start with some Grand Statement of Intent, but as my intention is just to present the occasional music-related musing, and to use this as a way of keeping in some sort of touch with far-flung friends, there isn’t really an appropriately Grand Statement that I can make… There’ll be the occasional gig review, some live photos, perhaps an “Album of the Month”, a song or two, and some verbose, meandering, tenuously-music-linked ramblings that will likely come close to providing the perfect definition of “head up arse”… so if that sounds vaguely appealing then “welcome!”

So on to the disclaimer: I will on occasion post MP3s here, with the intention of promoting music that deserves to be heard by as many interested people as possible. These songs will typically be unreleased, out-of-print, or hard-to-find, and if you like what you hear then please go and buy something by the artist (preferably directly from them or their label, or from an independent record store – I’ll include relevant links where appropriate). The music featured here is made by people who are likely to be struggling to make a living from sharing their art with the rest of us, so if their music gives you some sort of pleasure please support them as best possible (I’m strongly opposed to music piracy, and am not a fan of file-sharing websites unless it is stuff that is genuinely not elsewhere available in a form that allows the artist to profit from their work). So if you are the artist, composer, performer (or directly represent the artist, composer, performer), or otherwise copyright holder of anything posted on this website, and would like your material removed, please contact me and I will happily oblige, removing the relevant material with immediate effect.

If you wish to link to any of the MP3s available here, please link to the posting that they appeared in and not to the file itself.

All photos on this site are either taken by me or the wonderfully talented Suzanne Norris, so please don’t take them without asking first.

To mark this inaugral posting, here is one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite bands (and the first in what is likely to be a long-running homage to Steve Albini!) – Big Black “Kerosene”, recorded live at Paard Van Troje, Den Haag, Holland on 25 November 1986 (taken from the “Live In Heaven” bootleg on Oblivion Records). Neatly combines my love of guitar skinng and my love of Holland.

Big Black – Kerosene (live in Clogland)