Shellac - ATP 2004 

Just keeping things Albinified, here are a couple of things that Shellac fans may be interested in:

Touch & Go have recently posted the Shellac installment of their 25th Anniversary Video Diary, which features Steve Albini (with a boozed-up David Yow) and Bob Weston paying tribute to Corey Rusk and Touch & Go, interspersed with clips of “The End Of Radio” and followed by a full performance of “Watch Song”. Check it out here.

This has been around for ages, but for those that haven’t chanced upon it here is a good quality live recording of a Shellac performance, taken from the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in April 2002 (recording comes courtesy of the fine folk at Transmission3000).
This was the ATP that Shellac curated, and they programmed two full weekends of amazing music, themselves playing the first gig of each day in order to ensure that the punters would drag themselves out of bed early enough to then catch all the other quality acts on display. What swell guys! The recording is from the second day of the first weekend (20 April 2002). For some photos from the second weekend, go here.

And in keeping with my intention to include a song with as many posts as possible, here is Shellac with “Wingwalker” recorded live in Tokyo, 20 Nov 1993 (from the Japan-only “Live in Tokyo“). Look at me, I’m a plane!

Shellac – Wingwalker (live in Tokyo)