So, these meanderings are no longer broadcast from London, but instead from the special city that is Amsterdam. A different set of live music experiences to be had, a new culture to get immersed in, and just general good times ahead.
In celebration here is the monumental Killdozer with “Free Love In Amsterdam”, which appropriately enough goes from being a tender lovesong (albeit involving swingers) to end as a borrelorgel-accompanied meltdown.

Killdozer – Free Love In Amsterdam

The song is taken from the excellent “Twelve Point Buck” album on Touch & Go – a great label, that goes about its business in seemingly the best way possible. Touch & Go keeps its entire catalogue in print, so there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to lay your hands on this nor on Killdozer’s Marxist album “Uncompromising War On Art Under The Dictatorship Of The Proletariat“, with “Knuckles The Dog (Who Helps People)” (an unsung hero of the Communist revolution) and the sludgy classic “The Pig Was Cool” (“We were partying in my van / When we were hassled by The Man … From out of nowhere came the Man in Blue / I thought we were busted but the pig was cool … The pig was cool / I knew him from school”).

If you want great (black) humour, bulldozer bass, crunching riffs, slow swaggering tales of sleazy smalltown middle America and inspired covers, all accompanied by the unfeasibly low rumbling growl of a skinny & angry Midwestern geek, then Killdozer is the band for you!! One of the few genuinely funny bands (most attempts at comedy in music usually fall prey to the law of diminishing returns), whose shooting star career is nicely described by singer/bassist Michael Gerald as: “we grew from a band that wore T-shirts and sneakers to a band that wore button-down shirts and polished leather shoes or boots.”

“And if you’re coming to Amsterdam, be sure to braid a flower in your hair…”