This little patch of the interweb galaxy fell into disuse & disrepair for most of 2009. Not through a lack of will or best intentions, but due to a poisonous combination of block, perfectionist ambition (AKA fastidiousness), and an increasing paucity of ‘free’ time (time which I feel should be better spent listening / experiencing music, rather than writing about it afterwards). Nonetheless, I would like to keep this gnarled & weed-filled garden somewhat tended – one of the main motivations for planting it in the first place was so that I’d have some written record of my music-related experiences, something to (re)call on in years to come (when I’ve completely obliterated my memory).

So here’s to a bit more activity in 2010!

‘Tis of course the season for list-making, Best Of’s and the like. At this time it’s worth rehashing this old chestnut. Read with bated breath to see if it’s Animal Collective or Fever Ray that’ll make you a crazy fool for never having been interested in hearing them (yep, guilty as charged…).

Also worth checking out is the Village Voice’s review of the hyped alt. music genres of the past 10 years (thanks Plasmatron).
I readily admit to falling under the spell of (and still listening to) some of these, but thank fuck Crabcore hasn’t got its pincers into me. Take a look at these Emo berks.

Here’s Warren Ellis of Dirty Three explaining the dream he has for all Emo bands (from the D3 performance at ATP’s 10th birthday celebrations, 12 Dec 2009):

And staying true to this being an unashamed place of Albini worship, here is my favourite music-related photo of 2009: Steve discovering that he really likes fish, picture courtesy of his new bride.

Steve's With The Fishes

And the great man is not just the God of Guitar Skinng, Recorder-in-Chief and Nutter Butter cookie connoisseur – he’s a bloody philanthropist as well!